All participants must sign a waiver prior to the race. Waivers may be returned with ticket money or on race day.

General Guidelines For All Competitors

Teams and Team Members are recommended to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The race is designed to eliminate the need for support vehicles
  • Read the Health and Safety Guidelines and take all necessary precautions
  • Parking to be in designated areas only otherwise vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense. No parking along Brudenell Island Blvd.
  • All competitors must use caution at intersections. Race officials or volunteers will be present at all road crossings on the rail trail and major highway intersections. Competitors must, however, be prepared to stop if necessary.
  • The official finish time will be when the chip crosses the finish line boaters should cross the line together. Teams may not impede or block other teams in any fashion. Teams must allow room for other teams to pass if necessary.
  • Bells or other noisemakers required on all bicycles for the off road bike legs. Must be in place at the bike check.

Runners’ Rules:

  • Run on the left side of the road or right side of the rail trail and allow faster runners to pass
  • Run to the left after passing wristband off

Cyclists’ Rules:

  • A CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved helmet is mandatory
  • Must ride on the right side, pass on the left
  • No one can push a cyclist’s bike
  • Road bikes are permitted on the road bike leg only. Aerobars are not permitted on the off-road bike leg.
  • All bikes with flat handle bars are permitted on the off-road bike leg
  • All types of bikes are permitted for the road bike leg
  • A water bottle is mandatory, water is not provided on the bike legs
  • For off-road bike leg, cyclists must ride single file on the right to allow passing on the left
  • Bells or other noisemakers are required on the off road bike leg

Canoeists’ Rules:

  • Must wear DOT (Department of Transport) approved PFD (personal floatation device)
  • Each canoe must have 3 paddles, one attached bailer, one 15m buoyant throwing line, 2 PFD’s, 1 whistle and 2 water bottles
  • Competitors can use any type of canoe or kayak and paddles
  • As a courtesy, slower boats are requested to let faster ones pass

Kayak Rules:

  • Any team may choose to use a kayak
  • Solo competitors will use a single person kayak
  • Team competitors may use two single person kayak however they must finish at the same time OR the time must be taken for the teammate finishing second
  • Must wear DOT (Department of Transport) approved PFD (personal floatation device)
  • Each kayaker must have a paddle, a PFD, a whistle and a water bottle
  • Each kayak must have 1 pump and one 15m buoyant throwing line

Special Rules for Solo Division:

  • Solo competitors may use a kayak or a canoe
  • One or two bikes may be used
  • Soloists are permitted to use a cyclo-cross bike on the off-road bike leg

General Rules For All Competitors

Teams and Team Members must comply with the following rules listed herein or be subject to disqualification by Red Island Relay Organizing Committee or to the protest/disqualification process as specified here:

  • A competitor may compete on one team only
  • Each Team must have a cell phone available either in the transition area or  with the person running the leg to contact the organizers or first aid in case of an emergency. Numbers will made available on race day.
  • There will be cut-off times for each of the legs that will be enforced, the participant will be informed and be pulled from the race. If they choose to continue then they do so at there own risk and no longer receive support from the race
  • Competitors may file a protest against teams not complying with divisional criteria or equipment specifications at Relay Central up until 2:00 pm on the day of the race. Such protest must be submitted in writing and must identify the rule and the nature of its non compliance, the identification of the team(s) alleged to have violated such rules and the identification of the team submitting the protest.
  • A Red Island Relay jury will decided on such protests and communicate their decision to Relay Central by 3:00 pm. Every attempt will be made to secure representation from all teams affected. The decision of the jury is final and binding.
  • Teams declared in violation of such criteria or rules will not be eligible for recognition, placement or race times.
  • Teams to have one, two, three or six members and fulfill divisional criteria. In the event of a team member’s illness or
    detainment prior to their leg, it is the Team’s responsibility to secure an eligible member and notify Red Island Relay organizing Committee as soon as possible of the substitution.
  • Don’t screen or pace competing team during Relay Race.
  • No use of walkmans, alcohol or illegal drugs during Relay Race.
  • All competitors must travel their respective leg(s) are required by route map no short cuts.
  • Must pass through transition zone to get official times.
  • Wristband exchange to be in the designated handoff areas.
  • Fulfill all equipment requirements as per rules and guidelines.

Equipment Rentals

Equipment is available to race participants for rent from Outside Expeditions at special discount rates for the day of the Red Island Relay race. Please call ahead as they must have payment before race day to consider equipment reserved.

  • Single Kayak: $20
  • Canoe: $30
  • Double Kayak: $40

Canoes, single and double kayaks are still available for race day.

Kayak rentals include taxes and all necessary safety gear. Equipment will be transported to the Brudenell Provincial Park Activity Centre. Racers must carry their boats down to the beach from the Activity Centre and are requested to bring their boats back to the Activity Centre after completion of the race.

Outside Expeditions

  • Giant hybrid bicycle: $15Bike rentals include taxes and a helmet. Bikes will be transported to the Brudenell Provincial Park Activity Centre. Racers must take bike through the Smooth Cycle Safety Check and are requested to bring their bikes back to the Activity Centre after completion of the race.

Those in need of gear should reserve early as equipment is rented on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact Ardelle Hynes at

List of other businesses renting canoe/kayaks on PEI

Sporting Intentions


Kingfisher Outside Inc. –

Malpeque Bay Kayak Tours Ltd.

Inn at the Pier

Northshore Rentals

Category Definitions for Open Division

Six-Member (6-M) Teams

* 6-M Female: All members must be female

* 6-M Male: All members must be male

* 6-M Mixed: Minimum of two members of each sex

Two-Member (2-M) Teams

* 2-M Female: Both members must be female

* 2-M Male: Both members must be male

* 2-M Mixed: One member of each sex

Solo (1-M) Competitor

* Solo Female: must be female

* Solo Male: must be male

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